Sourcefit Philippines Inc., has always put a premium on its people, encouraging and driving them to go beyond their perceived capabilities. That is why the SFPI Academy was formed. Created through the combined efforts of the Human Resources Management and Human Resources Development (Organizational Dev) departments, the Academy offers programs and learning opportunities to help employees across different levels of the organization acquire competencies required by the job position they desire. An immediate superior or HR career counselor collaborates with each employee to craft a Career Development Plan that serves as a roadmap leading to the employee’s continued professional growth. The Academy provides present and future BPO professionals a venue of continuous education and world-class training. It also serves as a vehicle through which the employees can take charge of their own professional and personal development. Through the academy, SFPI hopes to inspire in its people the passion to continuously add to their own value and broaden their area of expertise;helping them to become leaders – not just within the BPO industry but in any endeavor they may choose.

Academic Calendar | 1st Semester for 2016

30 Jan 16 The use of counseling & discipline to improve employees productivity Dr. Francine Rose DC Bofill and Dr. Rej Hernando
13 Feb 16 and 25 June 16 Professional Image Development Pia Jamarie De Castro
27 Feb 16 and 18 June 16 Gung Ho! Workshop Dr. Rej Hernando
19 Mar 16 Managing Employee Discipline Evelyn Jocson
26 Mar 16 Work attitude and personal effectiveness Dr. Rej Hernando and Evelyn Jocson
23 Apr 16 Client Relationship Management Evelyn Jocson
30 Apr 16 Closing the Leadership Competency Gap Dr. Francine Rose DC Bofill
28 May 16 The 7 habits of Highly effective people Dr. Rej Hernando