Make sure your products are the best they can be with low-cost QA professionals.

Quality Assurance / Testing

  •  Independent Stakeholder Testing
  •  Scalability Testing
  •  Application Testing
  •  Platform Testing
  •  Unit testing
  •  Integration testing
  •  System Testing
  •  Functional/Regression Testing
  •  Acceptance Testing
  •  Load/Performance Testing
  •  Cost Savings
  •  Predict Time to Market
  •  Repairs Less Costly
  •  Highly-Motivated, Experienced Staff
  •  Outsource to Ensure Best Practices
  •  Focus on Your Core Capabilities
With a highly competitive business landscape and ever-increasing cost pressures impacting the software development process, companies need to be able to produce better products for less money. One of most important, yet most easily overlooked stages of the development process is quality assurance and testing. Consistent delivery of products that are right the first time and on target for users is critical for long-term success. Yet these processes are labour intensive and expensive, which has led many leading software developers to explore offshore outsourcing of these vital tasks to countries such as the Philippines.

The result of several years of rapid growth in the Philippine market for QA and testing processes is that there is now a rich and experienced talent pool to draw from when recruiting potential employees. Sourcefit has several years of experience in providing highly-skilled QA professionals to clients around the world and we have developed effective systems for recruiting and supporting QA and testing teams.

Whether you need just one tester or a full team, Sourcefit will recruit extremely motivated, talented professionals and ensure that they are integrated seamlessly within your operation.

Staff Leasing Small Projects
Entry Level $900.00 / month $8.00 / hour
Mid Level $1,100.00 / month $9.00 / hour
Expert Level $1,250.00 / month $12.00 / hour

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