For short term projects or projects requiring output-based billing, Sourcefit can manage all aspects from start to finish.

Managed Services

For short term projects, such as the creation of websites, we assemble a team consisting of our own staff and free-lancers and we manage the project from start to finish. Billing for these types of projects may be output based (per website for example) or manpower based. Some factors that favor a Managed Solution over a Leased Staffing Solution include:

Limited Project Duration

If your project has a definite end date or a defined delivery window.

Limited Project Scope

If the scope of work is small, for instance three banner designs per week, then offshore staffing may not be applicable. In some cases we can offer a leased solution on a shared part-time basis. Otherwise we can also offer such services on a managed basis.

Focus on Output

If your project is completely focused on the production of certain output then you might not want to get involved with candidate selection, hiring people, etc. A good example might be a data processing project where you need one thousand units of output per day. In this case, you may prefer an outsourcing model in which you pay for this guaranteed output level regardless of staffing. We would take responsibility for internally staffing the right people and assuring that production levels are met.

Require Sourcefit Expertise

Related to the above, a managed solution may be called for if your staffing or project needs lie outside of your area of expertise. For instance, if you’re a travel agency in need of a reasonably priced website, we can manage the entire project for a low-cost fixed fee. This worry-free solution allows you to focus on your core business and still take advantage of the benefits of an offshore staff. Areas of expertise at Sourcefit include:

  •  Web Design
  •  Web Application and Development
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Mobile Development
  •  Flash Animation

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