Outsource a business function to Sourcefit and take advantage of our domain expertise.

Function-Based Outsourcing

Function-based outsourcing is similar to managed services except on a larger scale and with no set delivery or end date. In this scenario, you would be taking advantage of Sourcefit’s managerial and domain expertise to assign complete operation of a specific business function to us, including planning, management, operations and QA.

The primary driver for choosing this form of outsourcing is the need to access outside knowledge, experience or operational capacity to conduct a business function that lies outside of your core focus. Other benefits include the ability to contractually guarantee output and/or deliverables and to do so without a significant investment in new infrastructure. Time to market and costs can also be greatly reduced.

Sourcefit possesses domain expertise in the following areas:

Customer Service
Website Production
Online Marketing
Content/Game Moderation
HR Functions

Please contact us today to set up a consultation on providing a complete solution for your business.

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