Skilled artists and technicians combined with process optimization guarantee quality CAD results.

Technical Services - CAD Creation & Conversion

  •  CAD Drafting
  •  CAD Conversion
  •  Remote Measurement
  •  Vector Conversion
  •  Architectural CAD Drawings
  •  Mechanical CAD Drawings
  •  Electrical CAD Drawings
Advances in CAD technology have lowered costs, improved efficiencies and extended benefits to a host of new applications and industries. But despite increasingly sophisticated CAD automation tools that have dramatically increased speeds for many CAD processes, there is still a need for skilled draftsmen and technicians to carry out mission-critical tasks in virtually any CAD application. Sourcefit brings process-optimization expertise to a variety of CAD applications including conversion, modeling, drafting, drawing and remote measurement. We are dedicated to working closely with you to find the most efficient and effective process for your unique business; and to deliver the most highly motivated and skilled technicians. We are application independent and are able to work with virtually any type of input media for output in a wide range of file types depending on your needs.

New collaboration tools have made remote staffing more efficient than ever and our specialty is creating more effective collaborations. We will not rest until your offshore team is functioning at peak productivity and in seamless integration with your home office.

Call us today to find out more about how we can help you maximize your resources and improve your results. There is never any obligation until you have found the perfect fit for your business.

Staff Leasing Small Projects
Entry Level $800.00 / month $6.00 / hour
Mid Level $1,250.00 / month $9.00 / hour
Expert Level $1,750.00 / month $13.00 / hour

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